How to change og:meta-tags dynamically for facebook share


Can some one tell how to change og-meta-tags dynamically in meteor so that for every link its have its own og-meta-tags whatever og-title, picture, a description we set and Facebook should recognize it?
I am using angular-meteor with ui-router.


MS-SEO is a great package for this:

I’ve been able to get my website to rank #1 on target terms and get the right fb images show in og tags with it + galaxy’s SEO capabilities.

If you want to do it manually, I’d suggest looking at the packages raw code to reconstruct how to do it.


Thanks, @pasharayan.
Is there any package with ui-router?


Urgently required this solution. please suggest.


If you need it so urgently, why don’t you implement it yourself?


Suggest me how to do that if you know.


You could use e.g. kadira:dochead and set the meta tags in the onRendered callback of your Blaze template. Or if it is really urgent and you can’t figure it out yourself, you can always pay a professional to do it for you (


thanks @tomsp but I dont want to pay right now.
If you know any package that work with angular-meteor ui-router please let me know.
In case there is no package that can work with ui-router please let me know
how to configured by ourself if you know.