How To Check Arrays Containing Objects?

I’m sending an object to be inserted with a Meteor Method that is similar to the one below. How do I check all the properties - particularly the arrays of objects?

var contactProperties = {
    first: “Ron”
    last: “Swanson”
    phones: [
        {phone_label: “mobile”, phone: “555-555-5555”}, 
        {phone_label: “home”, phone: “444-444-4444”},
        {phone_label: “fax”, phone: “333-333-3333”},
    addresses: [
        {address_label: “home”, street: “6450 Johnson”, city: “Dallas”, state: “TX”, postal_code: “55555”}, 
        {address_label: “office”, street: “782 Washington”, city: “San Antonio”, state: “TX”, postal_code: “44444”},

If you are using the collection2 package you should be able to make insert hooks where upon insertion of a new document you can do whatever you want to the document (including checking) before you insert it