How to clean up the ~/.meteor folder?


The .meteor folder in my home directory is ~8GB big!!!. How do I clean it up? Here is some info on each of the subfolders:

  • android_bundle - 2.44GB
  • package-metadata - 232MB
  • package - 5.3GB

I’m pressed for space and I need to clean up this folder.


There are a couple threads about this on the forums. Deleting that folder and letting meteor rebuild it on the next project run is one option. Another is to simply reinstall meteor.

@sashko As this comes up again and again, I’m thinking that a spot in the guide for environment maintenance might be a good idea?


@vigorwebsolutions thanks for the help, I chose to re-install Meteor as per @glasser suggestion in a GitHub issue of a similar topic. It’s down to 1.01GB which is OK for now.