How to config "meteor command" in "git bash" on window 7?

I can’t use meteor command in git bash on window 7

Rabbit@Rabbit-PC MINGW64 ~
$ meteor --version
bash: meteor: command not found

I try to add environment path ->;C:\Users\Rabbit\AppData\Local\.meteor.
But still don’t work.
Please help me.

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Go to this directory - C:\Users[your username]\AppData\Local\.meteor
You should see a meteor.bat file there. Create a new file called “meteor” (without any extension and “”). Open it with notepad and paste the following:

cmd //c "$0.bat" "$@"

save the file and now run git bash. You should be able to use meteor command in git bash.
For more information refer to this answer-


work for me… thank!!!

you can also use
$> meteor.bat

Hi, just created an account to say thanks, ezpz stuffs, works out-of-the-box.

yeah me too .
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Please i need help with running the meteor command.

Chocolatey is installed and I have updated both the User and system path variables to : C:\Users\Wyse\AppData\Local.meteor

I have also added the file @rakibul posted, and I still get a command not found.

I am using Win 7. Thanks for your help.

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