How to connect Studio 3T to a linux server running a --production app

Hey all I’m doing a client demo so running a server with “meteor --production”

How can I connect my Studio 3T to it? Do I connect the database to port 80? Apache is proxying port 80 on the domain to port 3000.

Do I need some other rule for the database connection?

If it’s being run from the meteor CLI, I assume mongodb is running on port 3001

The general rule is that it runs on the port of the meteor app + 1

Create a new connection and select the SSH Tunnel, the just put the data you use to connect to your server, on the server tab leave localhost and as coagmano said use the 3001 port and give the connection a name, that should do it.

Thanks. I don’t even have an SSH tunnel to begin with, it’s a Google Cloud Compute and I just use their cool little browser window.

But, I think I have to set it up now. Thanks!