How to convert a html template with meteor

last two weeks i am learning meteor , i understand the basic things . now i want to know that if i want to convert a html template to meteor with admin panel , then what would be the file folder structures ? and how can i do that need some tips ,

if have any good tutorial plz share .


no response ?? from any meteor guy :pensive:


Welcome to Meteor, I’m new-ish. Meteor is super hard to learn. Somethings are super obvious and I have over-thought much of it. I come from a PHP Wordpress Background.

Google is your friend, but essentially, you’re going to work in the /client folder, make some /templates, and you’re good to go. Importing your template to Meteor is super easy. No problem to do it.

Google for the tutorial, it’s all out there. Read the official Meteor docs, it’s there too.

Check out www.SkyRooms.IO for my live Meteor project. I’ve been working on Meteor for a year and I’m JUST getting good now :confused:

thanks for your valuable comment .