How to convert Original Meteor App To Webpack using FlowRouter

Basically my app was working pretty great with React, Meteor and Browserify. But few things I never liked so I went with Webpack. Still trying to get my head around it so I’ve found this video:

I’m slowly organising my files and folders into webpack. But not sure how to get FlowRouter, FR, working. Although I have followed this step, but it makes no difference for I’m not seeing any errors in the first place. How do you get FR working with webpack? If there is an easy to understand documentation I could follow with React Router then I’d switch.



Tutorials out there are really not meant for noobs like me lol. I’ve got it working. Basically meteor_core is a “virgin”. You have to cd into that folder or ./met add <meteor package> from the root of your dir. Done that and all is well :smile: Now to learn Redux!