How to create 2 submit button on "autoform"?

I would like to create 2 submit button on autoform like this
1- Submit for save data and insert more (don’t close form or redirect to other route)
2- Submit for save data and close (redirect to other route)
how to check the submit button with id or name in autoform hook?


Did you find the solution to this ? I would like to do this as well and looking for a solution.

Let me know what you did.

Now I don’t have solution.
Please help me…

My workaround is to use Autoform’s built-in methods like AutoForm.validateForm() and AutoForm.getFormValues() and then hook up buttons in

Hi @theara,

I have the same use case as yours. Do you have solution for this?

If no, here’s the git issue#303, same use case, it might be our lucky day. :slightly_smiling:

I will try this when I get home.

Thanks, for your reply.
I will try soon.