How to create #hashtags from a post in meteorjs

I want to create the twitter or facebook like #hashtags as like while create a post using #hashtags then separate these #hashtags & using for searches & want to show trending #hashtags as like

#meteorjs #reactjs #hashtags #etc

I’m using #reactjs for the frontend.

I have not any idea how to implement this, can any #meteorjs expert guide me to overcome that.


That’s a very generic ask, so it’s hard to respond to. Also this an example of requirement that looks simple but it’s not and it has little to do with Meteor core.

With that said, we’ve implemented something similar using react mentions.

Also, this is needs to broken down further:

So there are at least three major requirements in this sentence (Create post, detect/separate hashtags, and show trends). Those requirements need to be further divided into smaller requirements.

I hope that helps, good luck!