How to create horizontal and vertical frames

Hi all,

I have just started learning meteor… can some body please tell me how can i create a horizontal frames and vertical frames, (like frameset tags in html)…

I also want to create an expandable TOC(table of contents ) on my vertical frame… clicking on each item (kind of a hyper link), should describe the contents of that on the other horizontal frames…

Can some body help me getting this done… am new to HTML as well!!!

Appreciate your help!!!

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Check out Semantic UI:
You should find a bunch of elements there that should help you with what you’re looking to create with HTML, plus the exact code that would let you do that. And then add the semantic:ui-css package to Meteor and get started putting those elements into your layout and templates!

And if you want more specific help it would be good if you posted a link to a site that has a similar structure/layout to what you want to build because “frame” in this context refers to framesets in HTML which noone ever uses at all any more, and most of us have very terrible memories of those dark ages of HTML and the web… :wink:

Thank you so much for your help!!!

Actually what am looking is just to create app page, where on left side of the page i will have a TOC (table of contents of certain topics) and if i click on those topics i should get the details on the right side just like the way it is available in the this link…

Yeah, so it’s clear that you should really just go through some HTML & CSS tutorials or courses! You’ll learn the terminology there (the TOC is simply made out of an HTML list (ul tag) with items that have links (li tag with anchor tag inside) and they are arranged using div tags that are told to be floating next to each other, with a certain fixed size each. These days the latter is most easily and commonly accomplished using a CSS grid class structure that exists predefined in many CSS frameworks such as Bootstrap, Semantic UI, Pure, and many, many others. They each have their own specific terminology and way of doing things, but they’re all very similar and after reading and playing with them a little you should be able to use them relatively quickly and easily.
That’d be my perspective on some next steps that would help you get closer to be able to do what you intend to do!

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