How to create my own ddp client connection

I found some of 3rd party library for javascript

but almost all of that not well maintained.

how to create own ddp client

and where I can find default meteor methods like login or login with token or something like that?


You need to rely on those packages and read into them to figure out how to build yours. If I were in your own position I’d definitely give asteroid a read and use meteorman to test DDP endpoints.

thanks for suggestion, asteroid looks good.

currently I use GitHub - Gregivy/simpleddp: An easy to use DDP client library or simpleddp with plugins simpleddp login.

but I stuck, because the login session cannot be saved or when I reload the page, login session also cleared.

but I found a user login token from the login.

I wish I can login with that existing login, if it not expired yet.

may be, can you help me to solve about this login session on ddp client?

Okay I found it,

to login with ddp client, we can call or apply method ‘login’ with specific parameter.

if object like { password, user: {}} it witll loginWithPassword automatically

if I want to resume the login, just change the parameter like this { resume : token}

for now I just curios for loginWithGoogle or something like that