How to create the perfect Meteor development environment?

Hi, I’m new to meteor and like to know how we can setup the perfect development environment for meteor. I use Linux and now need to run multiple meteor versions. Also like it’s better if I can sync the dbs or let other machines in the office connect to one db. Any suggestions? Thanks :smile:

A few quick notes:

  • You can run your app with any previous meteor version by using meteor --release SOME_VERSION_NUMBER
  • You can choose the port meteor runs on using meteor --post SOME_PORT (so using this combined with the above point will let you run multiple meteor versions/apps at the same time)
  • You can get the Mongo URL for your running app at any point by running meteor mongo -U; with this you can then connect other meteor apps to the same mongo DB by using the MONGO_URL environment variable: export MONGO_URL=mongodb://localhost:123456/some_db
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Great! By the way… How to install multiple meteor versions and set a default to run when we call meteor create?

WebStorm is great for this. You can setup configurations for your project with the database connection. These configurations can also be shared with other team members. WebStorm is a dream for Meteor dev.