How to create UI for mobile using Meteor?


I need help regarding how meteor works on the Android. Till now, I have created simple pages and bind with the meteor and its running, but I need to understand which files needs to be changed for changing in mobile device,

For changing the UI for the webpage, I need to change mian.js or need to create another.

Does I need to add more code for the main.js or make my web page mobile responsive so that what I want to view in android is there because of responsive in nature.

Please help. I need a clarity on this before going further.



and you are good to go


Responsive design is the way to go – both your web and mobile app versions would then be mobile-friendly and identical, making it easier for users to use and easier to maintain.

As @baris said, the Bootstrap toolkit is a great starting point for making responsive sites and apps.


Hi baris,

Thanks for your reply but I want to know in which file I need to change for changing configuration.

Also, It would also be great if you could provide with an example where I could see the mobile code working along with meteor web app.


Hi hunternet93,

Could you please provide an example for the same. I want to look at the code once because on the internet what I saw was old and was updated long ago. I need an updated example to understand it properly.


Same code is working for web and mobile. When you need to do something different (like accessing camera, device storage etc) check Meteor.isCordova It will return true only in mobile device or emulator. You can use pretty much any cordova plugin too.
Also you will need mobile-config.js file for cordova specific settings.

meteor run android-device will generate apk.
also --mobile-server parameter will cause to generate apk.


Thanks baris, I will try.