How to customize uniforms-material based forms


I have a basic web form setup using a combination of simpl-schema (1.4.2), uniforms (1.25.0), and material-ui (1.5.0). The auto form generation and validation is completely functional - no complaints there! However, despite using standard material-ui components, the form does not look professional at all.

I tried following the Uniforms documentation on customizing form elements, but keep running into integration issues. In many cases styles not getting passed to child elements correctly, and dynamic form field components (from subschema) require custom wrappers to customize. In short, I have to resort to hackish behaviors to customize the style of uniforms-material fields.

Auto forms are great for the prototyping phase, but to make things look professional I need manual control of field components. How would I accomplish this? Should I drop Uniforms entirely and write my own components that support simple-schema generation and validation? Should I fork uniforms-material and customize that way? What’s the community consensus on creating custom styled forms?