How to DDP.connect if no websockets?

Hi, we’re connecting to Meteor service that served via IBM HTTP Server (IHS) which does have strong support for Websockets.

We have a React Native application that uses react-native-meteor which used a DDP connection to grab stuff from the Meteor server using Meteor.connect('ws://192.168.X.X:3000/websocket'); as per

What I see in the Reactive Native debug console is Disconnected from DDP server. So I am suspecting that this is the issue (perhaps it something else).

Any help appreciated


Hi @adamginsburg, can you detail more out the disconnect is raised ?
Does the connect work fine, is data published/subscribed, then when does it disconnect ? randomly or you can reproduce the disconnect event ?

Thanks @lc3t35
the connection was never opened, just got eitehr 502 or 400 ‘bad response’ …

that said, we have changed the NGINX settings and have had some success. I think we had a red-herring in our test environment that was blocking it even when the NGINX settings were in place. We’re going to dig into it deeper but I am suspecting some firewall/network related issue could have been masking/causing the issue.