How to debug meteor app on atom IDE


I tries to debug meteor app on atom IDE.already installed meteor-api and meteor-helper.
it works well to run meteor app on atom.
But I have question about how to put breakpoint for debugging.
I already installed node-debugger. so When I press F9, breakpoint is put.
but when I run meteor app, the process does not stop on breakpoint.
I wonder this node-debugger breakpoints work for meteor also or any other way for it.

Thank you in advance.


Did you find a solution?


I can’t get atom to work with meteor. I have been able to get debugging working with debugger; statements and vscode.

NODE_OPTIONS='--debug' meteor run

Then the debugger starts on port 5858, I tell vscode to attach to 5858, and I need to reattach after every code reload. Breakpoints don’t work for me, but at least debugger statements do. It’s not perfect, but it’s open source, and better than nothing.


No . I didnot find it. so just using console.log