How to debug typescript source with angular-meteor

Noob question… I am fairly comfortable with angular 1.x (using javascript), and now looking at starting a new project using angular 2 and Meteor. I’m following some of the tutorials to get started. I’ve noticed that sometimes I am able to debug through my typescript in Chrome dev tools, but other times I simply get stuff like this in my dev tools source:

module.exports = require("./party-details.js");

At that point I’m unsure how to debug my code. What am I doing which sometimes causes this to appear instead of the typescript/javascript? Is this a meteor setting or a typescript thing?
Thanks for any suggestions!

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I am still struggling with this. What does the app.html!raw source mean? I’ve followed through with some of the tutorials, and best I can tell, this may be a side effect of adding the accounts-password package. Still trying to figure out exactly which step/package causes it. Any insight would be appreciated. Thanks!

I am also seeing blank ts files in chrome dev, what should I do?