How to define globally used version of meteor

I’m having issues on circleCI because we’re using the beta version of Meteor 1.7.1, but you can’t yet install it using "" | /bin/sh, as it does not exist there. So you have to first install a regular version, like, and then update usingmeteor update --release 1.7.1-beta.19`.

The issue I have is that when installing global meteor npm packages, it installs them for, but not for 1.7.1-beta, which is what I expect, since I just did meteor update, so how do I define what meteor version is being used globally?

Bump, this is causing our CI to be slower, because I have to cache both the last version of meteor (1.6.1) and the version I’m using in my app (1.8-rc.16).

Is there really no way to only install a rc or beta version without using meteor update ?

Can you not run from a git checkout?

Basically follow these instructions.