How to depend on minimum Android System WebView version when using Cordova

Crosswalk is dead for a while now and since there is no other valid option, we need to rely on Android System WebView and pray for the latest webkit version on the end-user’s device. Often enough end-users did not update the webview or deactivated it for whatever reason. As a result there is absolutely no control that your app meets all dependencies in order to ensure the best and bug free experience with your app.

My question is: How do you deal with that?

So far I only know that:

  1. Android packages can’t depend on other packages, so we can’t force the installation/update of the webview upon install of the main app.
  2. We can’t tell the user that there is a compatibility issue from the playstore itself (like it’s not supported on your device, please install this in prior)
  3. We can’t bundle the webview with the main app like we did with crosswalk.
  4. We can determine the webview version with help of cordova plugins, so at least this enables us to display a message to the user with further instructions.

Note: Our app relies heavily on webRTC which isn’t well supported on older engines

Thanks you all in advance!