How to deploy meteor-angular app on my own server


How to deploy meteor-angular app on my own server?
I can only find a solution how to deploy app on or other dedicated server.

I have my own server with dedicated domain for my app and I cannot find an instruction how I can deploy it that way.

In tutorial ( there is only an instruction for Every other tutorial which I’ve found on youtube explains how to use some dedicated server.

Thanks in advance for any help

I imagine you would use the same tools as another provider, for example, mup or mupx. Just change the settings to your server and you should be good to go.

I made a quick Angular2/Meteor app (I am one of the just found Meteor Angular guys, not one of the Meteor is dying guys around here). In a couple minutes it was up and running, Angular 2 / Meteor on Digital Ocean.

So if you are new like me, just google how to deploy with MUP and you should find it is easy.