How to deploy meteor app to IIS windows?

Hello Everyone.
I have built some meteor apps on windows and I would like to deploy it to IIS server?
Could you please help me to do this?

Meteor is a full-stack framework, as such, it is the web server, so the short-answer is that IIS and Meteor won’t work together.

Long answer, it’s actually a Node.js server, which means that if you might get it working on IIS if you installed a plugin for Node.js, de-meteorized your application and then hosted it that way… But I wouldn’t recommend it.

@phirum, I’m curious what your use case is for hosting on IIS.

Have you tried using meteor deploy?

thanks for your answer.So what should I do to host on windows?
Do you have some examples or trip to do that?

yes I would like to host on IIS in windows.
For meteor deploy I used to deploy to meteor server,
but I want to host on the windows, so what should I do?

Hi @phirum.

Meteor doesn’t work that way. It doesn’t work with IIS. Instead, just @Siyfion said, it runs on Node.JS.

See this post on StackOverflow:

Maybe you can start your meteor app on a different port and proxy all the traffic with IIS (If you really really want to do that.) I found this

btw, I’ve never used IIS so I’m not sure this works

thanks for your help.

thanks for your answer.

See this answer in SO:

There’s two ways to run it with IIS, one would be using demeteorize and run it as a regular NodeJS application via IISNode (which is now hosted in the Azure GitHub group so I assume it is stable/supported?).

The other would be using IIS as a reverse proxy.

I’m curious if you get it to work. Maybe that way I can convince my employer to use Meteor :smile: . Please let us know how did it go.

Hi there,

I also have problems on deploying meteor app in IIS. I followed the way to deploy Node.js in IIS with iisNode. Now with iisnode, I can already show the helloworld example properly using node.js.

But the problem is that I really cannot find any guide on how to run Meteor apps on iisnode instead of Node.js apps. I think this is not as easy as doing copy and paste to the “iisnode/www” directory, isn’t it? What should I do after I build a package of my meteor app with “meteor build my_dir” command?

Looking forward for your replies. Thank you.

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Maybe this post will help you out. Anyone have Meteor working with Window Server + IIS + IISNode?


or this one Anyone have Meteor working with Window Server + IIS + IISNode?