How to deploy meteor application on production server


Hi Guys.
Apologies am a newbie with meteor.
i can start the application from the local server the project I’ve created, by navigating into the “project ” directory. Then run the following command: meteor run: image shows the output.

However my challenge is how do i run it on the production server. I no longer want to run it on my local machine. I have ubuntu 14.04 as my production server and i want clients to run the project from their respective sites. I have tried to deploy but its not running.


You should use the build command to generate the artifacts. Inside the artifact there will be a README file describing the steps needed to run the server.


Refer to the meteor guide, for more info about deploying.


I did all you have said and dont get any error but users cant access.


Are they accessing the configured port? Do they have access through that port?


Try this! Hope you can take advantage of this


Try this excellent guide by DO.