How to deploy meteor on a VPS

Does anyone have any advice on what to do?

My VPS is running on an old linux kernel 2.6 and it makes very difficult to deploy using docker.

I’ve tried a bunch of different options but I’ve always failed

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Hey there, I had trouble using docker as well as Passenger. Are you interested in doing a manual deploy and manual install on your vps? I can write you a little guide that I’ve used but you must be using Ubuntu 14 as it utilizes upstart, something removed in 16.

EDIT: Actually link might help you. I had problems so I modified it. If this works to you, then this is your answer. However if you have problems like a 502 error then I’ll tell you my way.

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I second Digital Ocean.
Another great option I tried is Linode. My last app is running in Linode’s provided Ubuntu 16.04 for two weeks, so far it feels awesome.
And for deployment I always use Meteor up by Kadira, really good, flexible and easy tool to perform DevOps.

I just used Dokku today, super simple and easy to setup. Dokku has mongodb plugins, lets encrypt plugins, and works with the Heroku horse buildpack perfectly. Took me about 15 minutes total to get a Meteor 1.1 app deployed.