How to deploy my mobile and web app correctly


Hi, I want you guys to know about the structure of my application and what you think of it, maybe I could improve the deployment process or do it on a simpler or smarter way, first let me talk a little about the app I am currently developing, it’s called VYNO , it will be an alcohol delivery app made for Mexico and it’s still in development process. What I am doing currently to deploy it is this:

The app is divided in four ‘meteor projects’ (the main webpage, the mobile app, the web administrator, the mobile app for the delivery guys) that are connected to the same database and they are all on a Digital Ocean server but each one has it’s own port (I would like to know what you think of this). To deploy the app I use the great package mup by @arunoda, and this is what I do:

For the main website:

  • I simply deploy to port :80 on my server (I don’t use the database on the main webpage, because it’s just information about the app)

For the administrator:

  • I deploy to port :82 and connect to my database (using MUP’s settings) that is hosted on

Now the problem comes on the mobile apps, as I don’t know if I’m doing it right, so this are the steps i currently take:

  1. I deploy my mobile app to port :81 on my Digital Ocean server and connect it to my database (using MUP’s settings) .

  2. Then, to build the mobile app I enter this command on terminal:

    MONGO_URL=“mongodb://:@” MONGO_OPLOG_URL=“mongodb://:@” meteor build ~/nameOfTheBuild --server=

By doing this steps I have encountered a couple of errors, the first one is that I cannot add the SSL on port :81 using mup and I would really like to do this, and the second one is that when I update the code on the mobile app server using mup, the hot code push makes the app to stop working, in particular the methods (and I assume the connection to the server) stops working.

So I would like to know your opinion on how I can make my process to deploy my app better, and what do you think I should change or improve, thank you so much in advance.