How to deploy social media app?


I have deployed a Meteor app to before, but is that suitable for a social media that potentially could have hundredths or thousands of users? I am the programmer for the project, and everything is up to scratch on my end, but someone else is managing the server. I dont know right now if the server they are buying can deploy Meteor apps. I also dont know what company I could advise to deploy a Meteor app that potentially could have a lot of users and collections changes.

So who do Meteor developers recommend for deploying apps?
What stats do I need to be aware of to deploy a social media app with Meteor?

I have been Googling these questions but every answer I get isnt clear to me. I dont know what their budget is, so I would like to start with the cheapest and work up from there. is good to get you started at no cost. As soon as you start to hit the cap, you can either go the fully managed way with Galaxy or choose your own provider like Amazon AWS, DigitalOcean, etc… there are plenty of threads on this forum about that topic.

Galaxy pricing is far too high. $495 a month?

Most hosting costs $5 a month. But I need to know how do I judge what is good value or not if I dont understand what it is they are capping?

as I said, I googled this and didnt get the info I wanted.

Galaxy has a cheaper developer edition for ~$13 but does not come with the database. You’ll need to use a service like Mongolab or Compose for your database. If you are looking for the cheapest and highest quality meteor deployment platform, try NodeChef.

Then u probably didn’t google enough :wink: there are questions like this nearly every day in the forum and there’s no difference between hosting an app or hosting an “social media app”.

Galaxys pricing is high, that’s true but when serving “thousands of users” you won’t get it for a few 5€ hosts - especially because you have need time to create some load balancing functionalities and i think your time isn’t worth nothing.

As galaxy developer version isn’t out of the oven yet, you can try in combination with or host it yourselv on aws/googlecompute/digital ocean or any hosting provider you tend to like, but scaling won’t be that easy than.

When i look at the pricing it doesnt mention that.

The reason I mentioned that is a social media is because people will have an idea what the needs are. I dont know how to judge how big the RAM or databse memory should be. and I am googling, but this is a web forum for people to ask for help. In theory using a web forum could be faster and more social way of learning how to manage a Meteor server. It is different form other servers I have managed.

Maybe if I Google all day I will find the answer, but so far I havent.

So far I have gathered that Digital Ocean might suit me. But I still have to install a load of programs on my computer to upload the files. Since I havent used it before, recommending it is difficult. But I guess $10 a month isnt a big risk.

The thing is, I am not not in charge of managing the sever. I just want to give the person the right info so have the right server bought.

I dont think that buying a physical/logical server is good move here. Just start on for example Digital Ocean deploying with mupx. That $10/month is Ok for proof of concept.

And prepare your app to scale - so it can connect to the same database but any number of app instances. These could be easily these $5/month droplets as it is usually CPU bound, not memory. And still u get 1 core in $5 . And u would need to use meteorhacks:cluster or nginx to manage load between instances.

But multi instances means using packages which allow it. for example user-status will not work etc…

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Ok. I understood bits of this. Digital Ocean looks like the best option.

Deployed now. Super.