How to deploy to GoDaddy (or other) server/host

I am a complete Meteor noob and was wondering how to deploy my application to a GoDaddy host. My app will be deployed as an Android app.

The GoDaddy account is running on Linux as its OS, and has PHP 5.4 installed.

I’ve reviewed the Meteor deployment guide at but it doesn’t really seem to provide specific steps on how to deploy to a different host.

  1. Has anyone had experience deploying to GoDaddy? and if so, could you provide steps? Can I FTP my Meteor files to the GoDaddy server and run meteor from there? (I apologize for the simplistic view)

  2. Also, in general, how does deployment work when you deploy to a different host/server? Does the MongoDB databse also get ported to that server?

  3. Along the same lines as #2, if my app is hosted on GoDaddy (or some other server), how will this affect how my Meteor Android app access things like the MongoDB database?

Again, I apologize for the noob questions. I have used more traditional hosting options using FTP, PHP API’s and SQL databases but this is quite different so I wanted to understand how deploying a Meteor app to a different host actually works.

Any help is appreciated. Thanks!

Thanks @shock. The GoDaddy account currently has PHP installed. Does it need to have Node.js to support the Meteor app?

What kind of GoDaddy account you have? As normally we deploy to VPS.
On digital ocean it starts at 5$/month.

I dont know what exactly is GoDaddy account.
But mupx normally deploy to any up to day linux server as long as I know.
It can install mongodb too.

Thanks @shock for taking the time to answer. The GoDaddy says it’s running LINUX as it’s OS, but doesn’t say Ubuntu specifically. But I will give this a try

@shock, it looks like the account is an Economy account, with Hosting Configuration 2.2 (not sure exactly what that means yet)