How to design data model for document management system


Hey guys,

my project for learning meteor is document management system (DMS) for my company. The biggest challenge i am solving right now is how to design my data model.

My project looks a lot like this one I want to be able to create document templates, and after that to insert data into that templates and update it using autoform.

The route structure will be like this:

  • listAllDocumentTemplates
  • document/create (from template)
  • document/id/update
  • document/id/generatePDF

I want to be able to do some data processing on the documents like list all documents created in last week, or list all documents from Acounting documentTemplate which have accountant with name Peter Johnson. All form processing will be done using Collection2 and Autoform packages.

Two competing solutions is to create each documentTemplate as a seperate collection (i will have to do the news collection for each document and i won t be able to do the data analysis and processing) eg. Accounting, Procurement or to create just two collections documentTemplate, generatedDocument with one to many realtionship(i wont be able to create quickform for each package to insert and update database).

I would prefer the second solution with just two collections, but do not know how to implement simple insert and update using autoform and quickform.


Yeah, go with the second option. Have you read the autoform documentastion? You just specify the collection. For updating also pass the doc. See


Perhap’s you can reuse the same quickForm or autoForm for the two embeds and updates.

use same form for embed and refresh yet embed shape utilize the information of refresh frame.

Easily create forms with automatic insert and update.for this application we can use quickForm, the most simple of AutoForm’s options.

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