How to detect incoming phone number?

Hey all.

I’m ****ing tired of spam numbers. I want to write a firewall service.

How do I detect the incoming phone number and have the device listen in on the incoming number?

The rest I can do – not a lot of experience in Cordova plugins yet. Getting the hang of them. Anyone with resources?

Not sure that this is possible at all. For obvious security reasons.

Even with user opted in permissions?

There are apps doing it now just poorly executed…

I’ve been using Hiya and, while it doesn’t catch everything, it works alright.

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Hiya is garbage. So is the other one.

I had 3 calls in 10 minutes of each other from the same company.

I want a new dialer app all together, which rings a specific way when it’s likely a spam call, a certain way when it definatly is, the ability to vote on phone numbers as spam.

All I need to figure out is the cordova plugin system.

Completely offtopic; but you could just add this number to the blacklist in Hiya.

It’s sad, but I’ve blocked entire ranges (mostly originating from UK). I don’t make them ring differently; just auto hangup the call.

the ability to vote on phone numbers as spam.

Also supported in Hiya.

It just doesn’t seem to work :frowning:

Just FYI as interesting topic, it costs a dollar a month per phone number from Twilio. I’m sure buying in bulk is cheaper.

So yeah… couple bucks and bam, you have an army of numbers.

I know, and its quite frustrating. :frowning: But Hiya does make my phone-life a little better. Like I said, I’ve blocked entire ranges because of this shit.

I’m even thinking about only allowing known numbers (read: contacts) to come trough.

Hey, I was actually looking into this myself. I’ve had quite a hard time of it. The best I can find, there is an extension of CallKit in iOS called Call Directory, that looks like it might have some ability to detect and block numbers.

The only Cordova plugins I found around CallKit were:
and: but I couldn’t figure out if it could help with incoming call detection and blocking.

If you really want to dive deep here’s an in depth swift tutorial that gets more into it:

Thanks very much 20characters…