How to detect Meteor.logoutOtherClients was called in another Browser

When a user gets disconnected because Meteor.logoutOtherClients was called in a different Browser, how can this be recognized ?
Meteor.user() still gives a result as well as Meteor.userId().
Also Meteor.status() still reports connected = true.

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So my solution for this so far is:

 if (!Meteor.status().connected && guiready) {

guiready is in my case true when the gui is completly loaded (I don’t use Blaze or React, I use webix) to avoid misbehaviour in remoteLogoff which is just a function which cleans up the UI and does a


at the end, since a Meteor.loginWithPassword is not possible anymore after the client has been logged of via Meteor.logoutOtherClients.

Can this have any unwanted side effects ?