How to determine best way to subscribe to a collection?

Having many ways to subscribe to a collection, how do I determine which is best to apply in a particular case? What can be my basis for deciding?

  1. Meteor.subscribe via Iron Router waitOn option (I’m currently using this approach for all)
  2. this.subscribe available in Meteor 1.0.4
  3. Meteorhacks subs-manager (just found out about this and I’m curious if the problem being solved here is already covered in the new this.subscribe method)

I’m currently building my first-ever real meteor app and really need some insight, or any suggestions regarding this matter.

Thanks a lot! :smile:

This new article by @sashko will help to clarify the publish/subscribe dance - - it’s the latest and has the 1.0.4 features. Hope that helps, GL with your app! :wink:


@arvi the exact same question has been asked on another topic, and here’s my answer:

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@matthewsimo @serkandurusoy Thank you so much for the resources. :smile: It would really help my subscription approach dilemma :wink: