How to determine the size of packages/modules

I would like to know the size of the various packages and modules that make up my app.
Does anyone know of a tool that can do this?
(something like meteor ls -s would be handy…)

I’m guessing you are interested in the client-side size.

For development mode the client-side files are individually delivered so you can find their location (perhaps via Chrime dev tools) and check them as normal.

For prod, since they are all minimized together I think the easiest way would be to check the size of the big client-side js bundle with the package included, then compare that to the size after removing the package in question.

Agree with alanning that this is probably the easiest way given the current tooling. The effective size is especially hard to calculate when packages have overlapping dependencies. It means that removing/adding a package has a different cost depending on other packages used in the app. In the end of the day, it is a very manual process.

Indeed I am only interested in client-side sizes (I want my app to load as fast as possible).
I understand that overlapping dependencies make it hard to determine the size of individual packages, but there should be a way to create some utility that gives a good estimate.
What if my proposed meteor ls -s would perform a dummy build procedure that scans all the packages/modules as they will be included in the app, then minifies them individually, reports the minified sizes and throws them away again?
Of course the sum of all individual minified files will not match the size of the collectively minified files, but it should give a good indication…
Or perhaps the actual meteor build command could have a --verbose option to report on size info during the link step?