How to disable journal in mongodb to speed up data loading

I am loading the Bitcoin blockchain (200GB) into mongodb. It goes extremely slow.
I have read that by disabling journal (option: --nojournal) it’s possible to make much faster.

I haven’t found the way to do that with mongodb under meteor.

Any more ideas how to speed up loading the db?

ps: dumping and restoring the db took 3.5 hours while loading that info into the db from the bitcoin node took several days.

I believe you should put in the connection string, in the MONGO_URL env var. Start your own instance of Mongo locally if you want to use this option.

But be advised this feature is not available on MongoDB 4.0.

Thanks for answering.

What would you do to make a huge entry in the db?
What I can restore in 3.5 hours (from a dump) what it takes days to insert?

Since there should be no constraints and the hashes has been pre-computed, maybe you can try dividing the dump into smaller pieces and do parallel inserts


Unfortunately I have no idea how to do that.
Any link with that info?