How to disable meteor observe mongodb changed

I just found out if I change directly in mongodb, meteor back end will notify the change.

How disable this feature? because I have a case in my meteor app do not use publish, method only

if you remove the MONGO_OPLOG_URL env var, this behaviour will stop - I believe you can also add the disable-oplog package

If you disable oplog Meteor will do polling and the same will happen (in live queries created by publications).

@yozawiratama if you don’t use publications Meteor won’t notify changes to the client.

Are you sure that you are not using publications?

Did you remove the package autopublish?

Wow after I remove MONGO_OPLOG_URL, my server become lighter (memory using) thanks

yes I remove autopublish
I still use publication, but it from meteor default publication,

my problem is my client asking me to improve performance of code so they can save money with server 1GB RAM, previously 4 GB RAM, and it too much cost

This app is an enterprise Food and beverage, so will be have rush hour and etc.

and at night when the business was closed, I saw that the meteor back end was still working mainly the CPU, and a few hundred MB of memory

can you help me to explain what happen when it idle but still have a lot of process, so I can check and improve this system

thanks for your help dude

Get a real server stop using cloud and you will pay a fraction of the price. No one does pay as you go at enterprise level, unless they want to lose alot of money. Just get a server and run it. I do not pay for my usage just rack space, if I paid for usage I would of gone broke a long time ago and funded Jeff another rocket ship trip.

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BTW you can just put disk space into memory by using swap. It’s no big deal, I always run some disk as swap to ensure my servers have enough memory to breath. It’s only a couple commands.