How to display notifications with Angular?


Hi all!

Is there a convenient way to use something like Bert to display notifications in Angualr?

I tried installing Bert and wrapping it with angular-blaze-template, but the latter appears to break my front-end (just by having it installed; only my is showing, nothing else).

Any recommendations?


It seems like there’s a # of options: ngToast, angular-ui-notification, angular-growl-notifications, ng-notifications-bar…


ngToast looks pretty good, actually.

How to I properly load it into my app?

I added the package with

npm install ng-toast

and tried following the instructions here by adding

import 'ng-toast/dist/ngToast.min.css';
import 'ng-toast/dist/ngToast.min.js';
import 'ng-toast/node_modules/angular-sanitize/angular-sanitize.min.js';
// reaching into that node_modules folder feels wrong!

I don’t know where to find angular-animate.min.js.

I added ngToast as a dependency, added the element in the body, and injected it into my controller nonetheless, just to see what happens, but as could be expected, I get an error.

Any pointer in the right direction wil be appreciated.

(Running into the same issue as described here.)


If you want to use an npm package directly, you have to do it the new Meteor 1.3 way. So:

meteor npm install --save ngToast