How to display right format time


I make a blog information, and I need display the date any author post article. And I try to use moment package:

meteor add momentjs:moment

then I execute:

  postInsert: (postAttributes) => {
    check(postAttributes, {
      title: String,
      summary: String,
      content: String,
      img: String,
      categoryMain: String,
      sub_categories: String

    let user = Meteor.user();
    let post = _.extend(postAttributes, {
      userId: user._id, 
      author: user.username, 
      submitted: moment().format("MMM Do YY",
    var postId = Posts.insert(post);

    return {
      _id: postId

But it can show the time when I display by spacebar {{ sumitted }}.

Can you help me to display it.