How to do fullscreen of an image within a div


I have a requirement where there is a page with a list of video stream and on click of one of the video streams, the video stream within a div tag needs to go full screen. On top of the full screen video stream, I need to have a list of joystick controls like left arrow, right arrow, top , bottom etc. Can you pls help me understand how do I do it? I have started to create a new template for the fullscreen view but dont have enough clarity on how to go further.

Pls help!!

uhmm… not a very detailed question. what is it you’re trying to achieve ?What’s the joystick for? Where is the video?

Its basically a cctv video and the joystick can move the camera around 360 degree.

It’s not really a Meteor related question. I’d recommend to read a bit about CSS, also check the docs of the CSS Framework you use, if any.

My friend at Google recommended a following lecture for you: