How to do “share via” using meteor app (apk android)?

I’m new in meteor. I created a mobile app apk using this link.

That created successfully. But I want my app in share via.

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you have to add an intent-filter into your AndroidManifest:

You can add this by hand into your built cordova project or add a build hook.
If you want to do the hook, edit and place this script in cordova-build-override/hooks/after_prepare.js

Its in ES6 so you need to run it through babel first.

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thanks sir.

but where should i place that intent-filter code in meteor app?

you have to create the directory i specified above in your meteor dir, so meteor-project-root-dir/cordova-build-override/hooks/after_prepare.js

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but how to update again apk file sir ? did you get my point? can you send me example of meteor . apk file ?

thanks sir its working finally .

you save my day :slight_smile:

Hi guys,
I used the hook and I now find my application in the share with menu,
but I don’t know how I receive shared data with my App, is there any cordova plugin (which works)? What have you used @amol9supe ?