How to download a GridFS file in react as opposed to iron-router?

Hi guys,

In Iron router to populate a url for GridFS file I used to do something like:

    {{#each Images}}
			<a href="{{fileURL this}}" target="_blank">{{}}</a>
		  <td><button name="{{this._id}}" class="deletePersInfoFile">Remove</button></td>

Where {{fileURL this}} would populate “cdn” url where the GridFS file would be sent to, I imagine.

In react I do something like:

						<table class="table table-striped">
								{ {
									return (<tr class="rrow">
										  <td class="rcol">
											<a href={fileURL item} target="_blank">{}</a>
								}) }

In this case “{fileURL item}” does not populate a cdn url. How can I do something similar to iron-route without a lot of work? I don’t mind referencing a local file as long as maitanance of storage is done, i.e. deleting files when they are no longer needed. But using somehting like cdn repository is first price for me. Please help.

Stupid question, and not properly phrased. Please don’t reply.

This is very helpful !!