How to encrypt/protect source code for meteor in localhost?

After I build meteor app, I installed it on localhost for using.
So I want to encrypt/protect source code like .war (java), .phar (php)…
Please help me.

Why do you want to ‘protect’ your code? Have a look at view-source:

The main purpose is set security for copying to other PC (can’t install or run on other PC).
Your link not work.

Hi thearea,

I fixed the URL, works now. Regarding your question, do you care to elaborate a bit further, it’s still not clear to me what you’re trying to achieve.

Keep in mind that if uses are accessing your app in the browser, all client side js will be visible to the user. You can minify it and obscure it, but it’s still 100% accessible to the user.

You can use /server and /client directories to keep your server code separate from the client.

Hi here,

An up for this topic please. Here the situation.
Let’s say that I developed a new algorithm that give my application a real competitive benefit. After spending some (long) time and money into R&D it’s a bit understandable that I want to protect my code (at least for a period of time). The thing is that I don’t know how to do that with Meteor. With the Latency compensation mechanism is there a way that I can securely manipulate data without showing HOW I manipulate them ?

Thanks for you help.

If you define a method in the server only then your code won’t be sent to the client. Since the client doesn’t have the method defined, you won’t be latency compensation but it seems that isn’t your concern.

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Okay… I guess this is a needed sacrifice if I want to protect this asset. Thank you.

There could be a more advanced way to still achieve it in some manner, but this is my basic understanding.

I think, the case is when we have to deploy the code in Client’s own server. Then it is good to have a kind of obfuscation to protect the code. Is there anything available ?

Might just work :slight_smile:

Then you’re SOL. You cannot protect code you send to the client. And there are plenty of de-obfuscators out there.

Thanks for all reply, now I deploy my app in my local server (build, docker or demeteorizer)