How to ensure that a http call is received (handling server downtime)

I’d like to know how everyone else is ensuring that your http calls between (meteor) apps are being received when we have to handle things like (temporary) server downtime?

The reason I’m asking is that I have setup two meteor apps, one is facing my clients and another one is a job queue/worker app that is only known to the client facing meteor app. As I have to establish http calls between the two I was wondering how I can get around a possible downtime of any of them (worker may be overloaded, only partially online).

I’m aware that I have to look at the statuscode that I receive but I want to handle the rePOSTing in case I don’t get a statuscode 200 back.

One possible solution is to use the excellent package which I use anyway as my job queue.

Or is there any easier solution to an occasional http request (but 100% need to be delivered to the receiver)

Thank you in advance for your help & comments