How to Export and Import Mongodb from Meteor App?


Is there a good way to export and import MongoDB from Meteor App? Or is there a good way to backup and restore MongDB from Meteor App?


Yep! When Meteor is running, make sure you’re in your app’s root folder and type:

$ mongodump --port=3001 -o ../dump

The ../ is so it dumps it outside your Meteor folder (in case Meteor tries to parse it).

To restore a dump folder to your Meteor app:

$ mongorestore --port=3001 <dump folder name>

To clear out the destination first:

$ mongorestore --drop --port=3001 <dump folder name>


I want to create like a webpage for backup and restore mongodb from client, not on cmd or terminal.


Is it possible to read or find from MongoDB and save it to a file for backup purpose, and read from that file and insert it back to the database for restore purpose?


Not entirely sure but to do this client-side I believe you will have to make the function available via Meteor.functions and then do


mongodump is not installed as part of the Meteor installation. If you want to use it you will need to install it separately. For example in Ubuntu 16:

sudo apt install mongodb-clients


@phirum, I used an npm package called ShellJS. In conjunction with installing full MongoDB on the server where the Meteor / Mongo is running.

Then using the mongodump command through ShellJS i allow my end user to provide a path on the server to save a backup, append a date and time to it in the background, and run the mongodump command on a button click in the meteor UI.

Works quite well. I haven’t added the restore bit yet, but will do that this year using the same technique.

Feel free to look at what I did. The code is open source on github.

I hope this helps,


To make it easier to locate here is where the code is at in the project…sorry for the extra post.

And on the server side


I’d also like to revise my original post, because I forgot the option -d meteor so that dump/restore uses the meteor database.


I followed the solution above to mongodump and mongorestore the DB, but I am getting the following message in the console when I run mongorestore:

connected to:
assertion: 17370 Restoring users and roles is only supported for clusters with auth schema versions 1 or 3, found: 5

I am currently using the latest version of meteor (, with all the latest packages on Ubuntu.

Also when I run:

 mongodump --port=3001 -d meteor -o ../dump

I get the following:

connected to:
2017-04-25T13:20:34.317-0400 DATABASE: meteor	 to 	../dump/meteor

But when looking in that …/dump/meteor folder, it seems empty.

Any suggestions on what might be done to make it work? Thanks in advance for any advice :slight_smile:


In one of my earlier demo projects I used, I think by @hitchcott. Worked quite well, but probably not recommended for production. Looks like it’s not been updated for a while so not sure if it works with modern meteor versions. I think it requires that the MongoDB is hosted on the same server but I could be wrong.

If you can’t use that directly, then the source code might give you some pointers. At the bottom of the readme are credits to mongodb-backup and mongodb-restore…



I have exactly the same problem…
Have you managed to solve it somehow?



Try this:


Herteby is right, Studio 3t is THE BOMB for mongodb admin. It does EVERYTHING.


You could try MongoBooster


Same issue. Any breakthrough?


Sorry, I haven’t found a solution.


Guys. Studio 3T. It’s like SqlYog for Mongo…

Get it. Don’t be silly.


Is there anyway to backup data without running meteor? Like, I’m unable to run meteor, so I want to backup data and reset meteor. I know that meteor store data in .meteor/local/db


Yeaaaaah it’s stored on your hdd, there are some command lines you can run to start mongo without Meteor.