How to expose meteor api to work with react-native application?

I’m new to meteor world, but just recently ive played around pub sub. I love that I dont have to the usual bs that I was doing with meanjs,

We dont have a big team so productivity and rolling things out fast is very important at this stage of the project.

Things that we need in our project:

  1. Productivity is huge!
  2. Reactivity is too good, not to include it.
  3. Scaling is needed but aint that important at this time, eventually it will be nice to have but by that time we can figure out better solution. Currently targetting 2-3k users.

Ours is a an react-native app, same UI we’ll also provide on browser using existing tools.


  1. Like in mean stack i cn expose the api for user logging in and making api calls to various products and roles that are assigned to it. How do i do the exposing part within Meteor ?

Is there an easy way to expose the api ?

  1. Would it be worth to just move to Appolo rather than messing with Meteor on how to expose apis ? I was thinking now i have to learn Apollo too, but if it could help us more in the longer run I’m willing to make the decision.

Please let me know your opinion.