How to fill the database table with values on startup of the server


Is there a value to populate the table from within the server directory to ensure the table always has these default values?


Take a look at how this is handled in the Guide’s reference app, within the /imports/startup/server/fixtures.js file. In a nutshell, at startup time first check to see if the desired data exists in your collection. If not, create it.


Thanks got it working, another question on the same topic if you don’t mind:

I am inserting items and one of the properties is the folder path:
src: “assets\img\items\5.png”,

Now it inserts fine but it shows it as the same, basically I just want it with one slashes.
And If I do just insert with the single slashes it shows no slashes?
I have also tried single and double slashes. Any idea what this might be related to?