How to find the cause of slow build times

Hi all :wave:,
I’ve recently started experiencing slow build times in my app and I can’t figure out how to diagnose where slow build times are coming from.
If someone could point me in the right direction, it would be much appreciated!
Thanks all :grin:

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Found a solution to help with slow server reloads. I added the following script to package.json to profile what was taking so long. Took me a while to find this solution.

    "buildtest": "METEOR_PROFILE=1 npm run meteor",

Also added it to documentation.


Thanks for this!!! Our App has grown into a monster, and we were looking for something to help evaluate how we can shave time off of our build! This is great! :slight_smile:

It’s been invaluable. I’ve found slow stuff in all of our apps that really help our builds.

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