How to force meteor to a previous version

One of my projects is currently running 1.2-rc.2, and I’d like to revert it to the current version AND it’s required packages. Using meteor update --version I get, “***This project is at the latest release which is compatible with your current package constraints.***” But I don’t want it at the version it’s at, I need to get it back to and remove packages I don’t need from 1.2-rc.2!

Please any help would be greatly appreciated!

You can run any back level version of Meteor with the --release switch, so:

meteor --release

Tried it and got these error messages which prevent me from starting it in version

meteor --release -p4000
=> Using Meteor as requested (overriding Meteor 1.2.1)

[[[[[ ~/Documents/workspace/worker ]]]]]      

=> Started proxy.                             
=> Started MongoDB.                           
=> Errors prevented startup:                  

While selecting package versions:
error: unknown package: isobuild:compiler-plugin
Required by: ecmascript 0.1.3-plugins.1
Required by: ecmascript 0.1.3-plugins.1

unknown package: isobuild:minifier-plugin
Required by: standard-minifiers 1.0.2

=> Your application has errors. Waiting for file change.

Any suggestions for these errors?

Check that none of the packages your app relies on is using api.fromVersion('1.2-rc2') or api.fromVersion('METEOR@1.2')