How to "freeze" subscription with working pagination?



I am getting info about all livestreams from twitch and hitbox (let’s hope youtube in future) and enabling various search queries above them.
Problem is they are changing too fast and there is a lot of them going online/offline what is messing with pagination.
It is not about doing reactive:false find above cursor but about need to keep snapshot of whole query results without limit (limit as keyword for cursor.find projection ) on server side.
I need to keep _id, follower count and viewer count freezed for given user, so he can browse records sorted by viewer/follower count without item shifting while paginating.
Is there any good solution?

I am thinking that every Search button click will result in a call to duplicate _id, follower, viewer + userID document into “snapshot” collection. And as callback there will be update of reactive var which will end up as resubscribe.
But that feels like very db heavy solution.

example with reactivity:true so you can see speed it is shifting: