How to get a list of available publishes

Is there a way to get a list of all available publishes ?

Not on the client I think, I think they’re hidden for security reasons.
On the server you can find them in Meteor.publish_handlers though, and you could create a method to send them to the client.

Hi Herteby,
I actually got it with Meteor.server.publish_handlers. But thank you very much for the hint!
here is the link I found with keyword ‘publish_handlers’

Interesting topuc. Unless the server’s ddp publishes some kind of self discovering data, i think the Meteor.server.publish_handlers would only contain subscribed ones

have you tested this? I will try to verify it. do you have a solution to show all including those unsubscribed?

If there is no way. You can always publish a list of publications from the serverside