How to get cropped image using Jquery Cropper?

Hi Everyone,

I am using Jquery Cropper for crop the image, Refer to screenshot I can select the portion I want, but not able to get the cropped image.

It would be great if someone can help me to resolve this issue. Please help guys.

You need to get the canvas and then turn it into a blob. Look at the cropper documentation

Hi @jamgold,

I have done a little research on this, and got the blob type image, Now am having a problem in storing this blog type as image on server.

I am using Amazon S3 for that. There are packages out there that interface with different cloud storage solutions. I have never used Meteor/NodeJS to write files on the server.

Okay, that’s Good. Can you tell me how to display base 64 image to user? Please read this

Check out this, I played with it a while ago. It covers the base64 question

You get a lot with a free plan on Cloudinary if you’d like to consider another approach:

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