How to get links to open in default mobile device's browser?

Hi there.
I’ve done a small with Meteor app that is working great on the browser. It has
links to external websites which opens in another browser tab (target="_blank").
But in the Android emulator, links are opening in the app’s own browser. How to
change this behavior to have links opening with Android’s default web browser?

Thanks in advance.

I had some help elsewhere to figure out what was happening.

In mobile devices you have to use onclick=“, ‘_system’)” (iOS) or, { openExternal:true }) (android).

As pointed here -->

Yes. But you need org.apache.cordova.inappbrowser plugin to use ‘_system’

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My target platform is Android anyway, but thanks.

May I ask how you were able to open the browser from the Android app? I also used target="_blank" and was unable to do that.