How to get momentjs to format epoch time

as it seems to generate 13 digits, so best practice to get 10 digits is simply to divide by 1000 after generating the 13 digits?

// To create a Unix timestamp (seconds since the Unix Epoch)
const timestamp = moment().unix(); 

Thanks Stephen, and then increment 24 hrs would be moment.add() ?

You use .add() method on a moment object, not on the unix timestamp. Check out the docs.

const timestamp  = moment().add(24, 'hours').unix()

I’m sorry to be rude. But together with your other topic (the one below), I would advise you to go search your luck at I really hope this forum is not going to be another SO. Because this really makes me kind of sad.

Thanks @smeijer so should it be only expert questions that can be answered? If so, could there be another section just for newcomers or how else would they get up to speed with MeteorJS?

While I share your sentiment that sometimes questions people ask are just begging for a LMGTFY response, remember that you can always mute the “help” category to hide all those :slight_smile:.

Of course it’s not a matter of that only experts are welcome. I’m happy to welcome every newcomer. But there is a difference between meteor related questions, and just plain javascript. And there is a difference between understanding what you’re doing and hitting the compile button and hoping that some magic will happen.

But you’re right. Sorry for my rudeness. I’ve replied with the fix to your other topic: